1 way-too-early trade Warriors must pull off in 2023-24 NBA season

Mary Raleigh

If this trade opportunity ends up being on the table for the Warriors, which seems highly unlikely, they should end up taking it.Bruce Brown: Postgame vs. Warriors | NBA.com

Not too many blockbuster moves appear to be on the docket for the Golden State Warriors, limited as they are at the moment given the financial constraints imposed upon them by the new salary cap rules in the collective bargaining agreement. And all the talk thus far during the offseason makes it seem like the Dubs are ready to enter the 2023-24 season and pursue the fifth championship of the Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson trio with their current roster.

Alas, there still is a raging debate as to whether the Warriors have enough pieces to compete for a championship. They are still razor-thin in the frontcourt even after the signing of Dario Saric, and at this point, it remains unclear whether head coach Steve Kerr will trust the young wing duo of Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga to play a crucial role to give the team more two-way punch on the wing.Warriors' Chris Paul trade gives them options for 2023-24 season

Thus, if push comes to shove, the Warriors may end up pursuing trades during the season to increase their championship odds. Below is one the Dubs should fight tooth and nail for should circumstances break right for them in the 2023-24 season.

(It’s important to note that this is based off nothing but the imagination of the writer based off what could happen in the upcoming season. By no means is this a prediction piece.)

Warriors get a championship-proven piece on the wing

Warriors trade away Chris Paul, Trayce Jackson-Davis, and two second-round picks to the Indiana Pacers for Bruce Brown and Daniel Theis (can only be completed after December 15)

For much of the talk about how the Warriors will be integrating Chris Paul into the lineup after their blockbuster trade for him this past offseason, the actual execution of it will be much trickier to pull off. Paul has long been a defensive hound, but age-related decline has sapped him of his elite impact on that end of the floor; it will be difficult for the Warriors to survive with a Paul and Stephen Curry backcourt, especially when CP3 isn’t exactly the most conducive piece to running a pacey offense.NBA Rumors: Warriors Trade For Pascal Siakam In Proposal

Paul is a smart player, and he’ll surely find ways to contribute to the veteran Warriors team. But why go through all those hoops if a player with a more seamless fit becomes available on the trade market?

The Pacers signed Bruce Brown with the intention of making the playoffs, giving Tyrese Haliburton yet another weapon who thrives in transition. However, there will be congestion, again, in the race to make the Eastern Conference playoffs. So if the Pacers end up falling off the pace in the playoff race, perhaps they decide to cash in on Brown as a trade asset while removing one of their more onerous contracts from their books in Daniel Theis.Warriors trades help, but were they enough? How Gary Payton II and James  Wiseman moves impact 2023 NBA title odds | Sporting News Canada

Brown will be such a godsend for the Warriors — a player who thrives off of off-ball movement, a must in the Dubs’ whirring motion-based offense. He is also a quality defender who takes on tough matchups on the regular, and he’s also a deadly shooter, particularly from this one corner in particular. He was such a huge reason behind the Denver Nuggets’ title win last season; his impact for the Dubs could be something similar.

And then there’s Daniel Theis, a player who lost his luster over the past few years due to injury troubles. But he seems to be back with a vengeance. Theis was solid for Germany as the team’s starting center during their gold medal finish in the 2023 FIBA World Cup. He showed that he is a fairly mobile big man who can occasionally pop for jumpers as well as swat would-be scorers at the rim.

Are the Golden State Warriors capable of a late-season surge in 2023?Given the Warriors’ lack of depth on the interior, Theis could be such a huge addition who could give the team a new dynamic at the center position.

This hypothetical trade will cost the Warriors Trayce Jackson-Davis, but given the team’s win-now mandate, that shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Moreover, the Pacers may end up holding out for a first-round pick in return for Bruce Brown — an asset the Warriors simply cannot afford to give up given the punitive restrictions of breaching the second tax apron.Trayce Jackson-Davis Views Four-Year College Experience as an Advantage |  NBA.com

But the Pacers, if they end up disappointing next season, could maintain future cap flexibility thanks to Chris Paul’s non-guaranteed contract, while nabbing a few draft assets along the way as well as a rookie who could develop under Rick Carlisle’s tutelage. Jackson-Davis is also a beloved figure in Indianapolis, so that figures to be a small bonus.

If this opportunity ends up being on the table for the Warriors, which seems highly unlikely at the moment, they should end up taking it without hesitation.

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