Splash Bros Settle into Day 3 of Training Camp

Curry and Thompson Speak About Building Chemistry, New Roles and WNBA Expansion

Following Day 3 of training camp, fueled by Gatorade, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson spoke to the media about various topics, including the integration of Chris Paul, a new defensive role for Thompson and the addition of Golden State’s new WNBA franchise.

Curry and Paul Building Chemistry
Curry and Paul played “a lot of pickup together this summer,” according to the two-time MVP and they’ve been getting in additional work together during training camp. Following practice, the duo has gotten up shots together, including practicing their off-the-dribble creation out of pick-and-roll, guard-to-guard two-man action and even caught lobs for dunks from each other. Curry described the fit as “seamless” offensively, with Paul being “one of the greatest with the ball in his hands in terms of decision making and being able to orchestrate an offense,” and Curry being willing and highly effective without the basketball. Curry also mentioned that Paul has shown a desire to learn the patterns in which the Warriors generate their motion offense. According to Curry, he has also been productive without the ball in his hands.

“It’s mad fun,” Curry said about playing pickup with Paul. “He’s been really good at catching and shooting and moving without the basketball.”

In addition to the promising on-court work, the nine-time All-Star considers the pair’s best quality so far to be their communication.

Thompson Speaks on Defending Power Forwards

As Head Coach Steve Kerr mentioned on Monday, Klay Thompson will be guarding power forward more frequently this season, especially when he’s playing with smaller lineups. Thompson doesn’t believe it will be that hard of a transition, saying he ” prides himself on being able to switch and guard every position, not every possession but for short spurts.” Thompson also believes the game is “pretty positionless these days” and that many modern power forwards play more on the perimeter.

Warriors Add WNBA Team
On Thursday, the Warriors announced they will bring a new WNBA expansion team to Chase Center in 2025.

“It’s awesome…the fact that you have a (WNBA) team here in the Bay is fun,” Curry said. “There’s no better time for growing women’s basketball and women’s sports in general.”

Kerr is confident that the Bay’s WNBA franchise is in good hands after seeing how quickly Joe Lacob helped transform the Warriors’ organization.

“The Warriors’ fortunes changed the second Joe (Lacob) bought the team,” Kerr said. “He delivered every resource to strengthen the organization, so the commitment he’s going to make with the WNBA team, he’s going to make sure it’s a first-class organization.”

Lacob has already guaranteed that the Warriors’ WNBA team will win a championship within the next five years and Thompson said he hopes to see multiple WNBA championships in their future.