5 lesser-known NBA players who cashed over $150,000,000 in their career with 1 or less All-Star appearances

Mary Raleigh

Making an All-Star team is an honor only a handful of talents experience. With so many incredibly talented players in the league, earning a role that allows you to shine is difficult. Once you have that role, consistently impressing is even harder. Yet, to be an All-Star, you need to be shining in a considerable role.5 lesser-known NBA players who cashed over $150,000,000 in their career  with 1 or less All-Star appearances

Some players make a handful of All-Star appearances in their career, while the true stars of the league rack up year after year. Other talents may have one season where they’ve done enough to be recognized for their performances but fail to recapture that form for the rest of their careers. And for most players, an All-Star selection is never on the cards.

Yet your career can change even with just a single All-Star selection – or at least consideration. Teams begin to throw bigger contracts at you as they buy into the potential.

Five lesser-known players have cashed in on their maiden All-Star appearance – or even, on them being considered for an All-Star team.

Five lesser-known NBA players who cashed in on one or less All-Star appearances

#1, Gordon Hayward, $237 millionNBA: Gordon Hayward sẽ kích hoạt điều khoản gia hạn thêm 1 năm hợp đồng với  Boston Celtics

In his final season with the Utah Jazz, Gordon Hayward made the Western Conference All-Star team, which is no easy feat. That summer, Hayward joined the Boston Celtics on a four-year $127.8 million deal. However, he broke his leg in the opening quarter of Hayward’s first game for Boston.

Since his recovery, Hayward has struggled with injury after injury, and while he’s flashed All-Star talent at times, he as failed to string together a consistent season. Following Hayward’s tenure in Boston, he signed a four-year, $120 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets, where his injury issues have been a significant source of frustration.NBA: Gordon Hayward sẽ kích hoạt điều khoản gia hạn thêm 1 năm hợp đồng với  Boston Celtics

#2, Tobias Harris, $209 million

Tobias Harris has never made an All-Star team. Yet that hasn’t stopped the versatile forward from pocketing over $200 million in career earnings.

In truth, Harris has often been miscast. Harris is at his best when working as a tertiary scorer, playing off of two other stars, allowing him to work mismatches and score across multiple levels as the defense focuses its attention elsewhere. Nevertheless, Harris has been somewhat of a journeyman.Report: The Philadelphia 76ers are listening to trade offers for Tobias  Harris

Before landing with the Philadelphia 76ers, Harris had played for six teams in seven years, failing to nail down a long-term roster spot wherever he went. Yet Philadelphia figured out how to get the best from the floor spacing forward, and he has been on the periphery of an All-Star selection ever since.

#3, Andre Iguodala, $185 million

He might only have one All-Star appearance to his name, but Andre Iguodala is the most successful player on this list. The versatile forward has won four NBA championships and has been an integral member of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. Iguodala also made an NBA Finals with the Miami Heat.I'm an NBA legend who has made $185million in career so far - everyone  thinks I'm going to retire at 39 but I'm not done | The US Sun

Iguodala’s lone All-Star appearance came in 2012 when he was still playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, long before he became a championship specialist with the Warriors. Still, Iguodala has parlayed that All-Star appearance and his championships into $185 million in career earnings.

#4, Andrew Wiggins, $171 millionAndrew Wiggins contributed to an $80 million investment”: How the Warriors  superstar put up millions in series C funding for 'Sundae' - The SportsRush

Andrew Wiggins entered the NBA as the first draft pick in 2014. However, the explosive forward has failed to reach the heights many had hoped for. Nevertheless, Wiggins has carved out an important role within the Warriors rotation and is a bonafide NBA champion.

Wiggins made his lone All-Star appearance in 2022 but has failed to build on that, as he missed 25 games last season due to family reasons. Even with the slow start to his career and limited exposure to All-Star basketball, Wiggins has pocketed $171 million in his career so far.

#5, Goran Dragic, $154 millionDespite Making $154 Million, Jimmy Butler's Teammate Tricked Him Into  Substantial Business Losses: "Goran Dragic Knew How to Get me" - The  SportsRush

Goran Dragic has had an illustrious career. During his prime, Dragic was seen as one of the NBA’s better offensive-minded point guards. However, the veteran ball-handler has never tasted success at the highest level despite residing on some seriously talented rosters.

Dragic made his maiden All-Star appearance in 2018 while playing for Erik Spoelsta’s Miami Heat team. Still, the veteran guard has amassed over $150 million in career earnings and has had a long and productive career.

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