A stellar period ruled by newly revealed extraterrestrial beings

Mary Raleigh

The Hidden Reality!Aliens likely to communicate through newly discovered supernova, claim scientists - Science NewsNational Geographic tells us about the latest discoveries by Zahi Hawass in Saqqara.From a sarcophagus and a mummy covered all in pure gold, that has not been opened for over 4500 years, to some mysterious and enigmatic passages that lead straight to some city buildings inside some pyramids and even below Cairo itself. It is no secret to anyone that in Egypt they have been giving beasts since the last century, such as the tombs and mummies of pharaohs of dynastic Egypt.But about 3 or 4 years to the date other findings have been made that information has been completely suppressed from the press and hence from humanity. What they don’t want mankind to know, and know the truth, and what is that truth?Aliens are not that discreet – share your photosOf course it is one, that Egypt from its inception was governed in two different periods. It was in the beginning of everything. The kingdom of the ancient pharaohs, which was the star age of the comers of the Orion’s Belt, and later the dynastic era, the kings of Egypt, from Narmer to their last queen Ptolemya Cleopatra.

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With all this panorama a good part of humanity is no longer fooled, that there was a stellar period ruled by extraterrestrial beings. No matter how much they hide it and deny it, the laws of the cosmos are infallible, and one of them is that everything comes to light, and the truth by itself opens its way, it cannot be suppressed. For if they don’t speak, the stones themselves will speak for themselves, yes or yes.

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