Ancient stone relief dating back 7,500 years or more, archaeological site Zorats Karer, Armenia

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A remarkable discovery was made in the spring of 2019 at the ancient Armenian site of Zorats Karer. Archaeologists unearthed an ancient stone relief dating back over 7,500 years, which depicts an intriguing and enigmatic symbol that has left researchers scratching their heads.Armenia's Stonehenge Features Depictions Of Aliens Etched In Stone

The site of Zorats Karer is a prehistoric archaeological complex located in the southern Armenian province of Syunik. It is also known as the Armenian Stonehenge, due to the similarity of the complex to the famous British site. Zorats Karer consists of standing stones arranged in circular formations, with the largest stones reaching over 3 meters in height.Ancient Aliens? (10.000 a.c / bc) Armenia. | Ancient aliens, Alien artifacts, Ancient artifacts

The newly discovered stone relief at the site depicts a curious symbol that resembles a sun with rays emanating from it. However, surrounding the symbol are a series of smaller formations that look like small cup-marks. The meaning of this symbol is still largely unknown, and experts are currently exploring various theories as to its significance.El «Stonehenge» de Armenia: 3.000 años anterior a las Pirámides de Egipto - Valencia Noticias

One possibility is that the symbol represents a form of astrology or cosmology, with the sun representing a central cosmic force, and the surrounding cup-marks representing stars or other celestial bodies. Another theory suggests that the symbol has religious or ritualistic significance, representing a deity or mythological figure. Yet another possibility is that the symbol is a form of proto-writing or early script, with the cup-marks representing a form of symbolic language.Dosiero:Armenian Tombstone Aghout Sisian Armenia.jpg - Vikipedio

Regardless of the meaning of the symbol, the discovery of the stone relief is a significant one, as it provides yet another glimpse into the mysterious and fascinating world of prehistoric human culture and society. It is a reminder that there is still much we do not know about the early history of our species, and that there are countless stories and secrets waiting to be uncovered beneath the soil and stone of ancient sites like Zorats Karer.