BREAKING: Could CB Marshon Lattimore wind up with the Ravens?

Balitmore may eye secondary help after Clowney loss.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

With the loss of Jadeveon Clowney, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to boost their defense so could they set their sights on Marshon Lattimore?

Bleacher Report proposed a trade scenario where the Ravens would acquire cornerback Marshon Lattimore to bolster their secondary. This move aims to fill the void left Clowney’s departure to the Carolina Panthers.

The possibility is not so far-fetched. Lattimore boasts a decorated resume with four Pro Bowl selections and Defensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2017. However, injuries raise significant concerns. He played a limited number of games in both 2022 (7 games) and 2023 (10 games). Over the past two seasons, he’s managed just two interceptions and 12 passes defended, compared to at least two interceptions and 11 passes defended in four of the five years prior.

A positive aspect for Baltimore and a leveraging pitfall for the New Orleans Saints is that Lattimore only has one year of guaranteed money left on his contract. This reduces the risk associated with potentially surrendering an early or mid-round pick in a trade. Baltimore currently has the following picks:

Rd. 1, Pick No. 30 – Ravens’ own pick

Rd. 2, Pick No. 62 – Ravens’ own pick

Rd. 3, Pick No. 93 – Ravens’ own pick

Rd. 4, Pick No. 113 – From NYJ for OT Morgan Moses trade

Rd. 4, Pick No. 130 – Ravens’ own pick

Rd. 5, Pick No. 165 – Ravens’ own pick

We know Baltimore most likely won’t give up the round 1 or 2 picks, but the Saints could possibly negotiate for the third-round pick (hypothetically) depending on their earlier selections. At best, the Ravens give up the fourth-round pick to the Saints. With New Orleans not having any third or fourth round selections, this possibility would help fill the gap to the fifth round, where they have four selections.

  • Round 1, Pick 14
  • Round 2, Pick 45 (from Denver)
  • Round 5, Pick 149
  • Round 5, Pick 167 (compensatory pick)
  • Round 5, Pick 169 (compensatory pick)
  • Round 5, Pick 174 (compensatory pick)
  • Round 6, Pick 189
  • Round 6, Pick 198 (from Philadelphia)
  • Round 7, Pick 239 (from Denver)
NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina PanthersBob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Do you see the Saints leveraging Lattimore? Would a trade to Baltimore be a solid one if the negotiated round pick is worthy? Let us know in the comments below.

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