Bronze Age women loved jewellery

Margie Jones

Discovered in Oechlitz, east Germany, while construction work was underway on a new rail track, the Middle Bronze Age skeleton is thought to date back to between 1550 and 1250 BC. It is now on display as part of a permanent exhibition at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle, Germany.

Museum staff said bronze spirals similar to those featured on the headband had been uncovered in the past but were found separate and loose, not complete in a jewellery headband arrangement like in this discovery.

The skeleton was excavated and removed in a block in 2008 but only went on display last week.

It now forms part of a new permanent exhibition at the museum titled “Glutgeboren” (Born in Embers). The display showcases thousands of artefacts from the middle and late Bronze Age as well as from the pre-Roman Iron Age.

The State Museum of Prehistory in Halle is also home to the Nebra Sky Disk, which dates back to the early Bronze Age and is thought to have been an astronomical instrument.

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