‘Class on the NBA Court, Talent on the Golf Course’ – Austin Reaves’s masterful golf skills excite new fans

Mary Raleigh

The young player for the Los Angeles Lakers, who is only 25 years old, utilizes his TikTok account to upload unscripted video of himself playing golf.


Reaves, who will remain in the Los Angeles area after signing a maximum contract worth $56 million over four years, has a TikTok account with the handle “Hillbilly Bogey.”


He will occasionally upload videos to the account showing himself playing the links.

He just recently shared a video of himself playing at Topgolf, which is an indoor driving range, in which he crushed a shot really far into the distance.


Since it was uploaded, more than 412,000 people have watched the video, and many of them were surprised to hear that it actually showed the shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers making the shot.

An individual remarked, “I was like bro looks like Austin Reaves, then I realized it was,” followed by an emoji expressing surprise and happiness.

According to the testimony of a further witness, “Saw this and had no idea it was him.”


Someone else yelled, “No way. “What can’t he do? “

A response to this was provided by a fourth individual, who stated, “That’s crazy.”

Reaves is entering his third year as a player in the NBA at the professional level.

In 2022, he finally came into his own for the Lakers, averaging 13 points per game while shooting over 40 percent from deep. This was the year when he came into his own.

Reaves made the decision to stay with the Los Angeles Rams despite the possibility that he may have received a higher salary elsewhere during the free agency period.

On the most current episode of the Zach Lowe Post, a podcast produced by ESPN’s Zach Lowe, Reaves claimed, “They pretty much made it pretty clear that they were gonna match whatever.”

“You think about it a little bit, but at the end of the day, I wanted to be in Los Angeles.”

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