Deuce Tatum: Best Moments from son of Celtics’ Jayson Tatum

For years, the NBA’s biggest stars have been at the center of the league, but their children have often taken control of the athletes’ attention amongst the fans and media. From pregame warmups to postgame interviews, the children of the NBA’s greatest players always seem to find themselves in the spotlight. All About Jayson Tatum's Son Deuce Tatum

Stephen Curry’s daughter Riley, Chris Paul’s son CJ and Draymond Green’s son DJ are just a few of the NBA kids who have stolen the show from their parents, but now, there’s a new 3-foot, 4-year-old star on the block, and his name is Deuce Tatum.Celtics: Jayson Tatum receives adorable gift from Deuce Tatum

Celtics star Jayson Tatum is getting ready to make his NBA Finals debut, but his son Deuce has now become an honorary supporting cast member for Boston. He’s often seen cheering on coach Ime Udoka from the side, handing out water and towels for his dad and teammates and even has moments of rallying the team together in the locker room.

Here are a few of Deuce’s best moments:







Game 1 of the NBA Finals will kick off between the Celtics and the Golden State Warriors on Thursday, June 2, at Chase Center.Deuce Gifts Jayson Tatum a Ring Even Before the Boston Celtics Win the NBA  Championship - Sportsmanor