Draymond ankle injury details via Charlie/Dopymond: partially torn ligaments, on crutches

Here’s how news of the Draymond Green left ankle injury came out yesterday [pic above from dribble2much on Instagram]:

• Charlie aka “Dpoymond” (on Instagram) tweets out “Dray Ankle Injury; Out 4-6 Weeks 😔”, then deletes the tweet.

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• Someone else screenshots the deleted tweet (see below) and replies asking if Draymond told him to delete it, to which Charlie responds with a GIF meme entitled, “If I speak I am in big trouble.”

Who is Charlie?

In case you didn’t know, Charlie runs the Dpoymond account on Instagram. It is obviously super-pro-Draymond, to the point where Green actually noticed and, over the years, ended up inviting him to the 2022 championship parade, among other things. Charlie also runs PlayoffDraymond on Twitter but someone reported him and so he now has PlayoffDray, from which he scooped this Draymond ankle news. Charlie lives in Australia and we had him on a recent livestream…

…also I am pleased to announce that we’ll have Charlie on the Media Day Evening Recap livestream tomorrow, Monday, October 2, 2023.

I’m sure there are some details about Charlie that I missed above, so join us tomorrow live and ask away!

The problem with Twitter

Alright, so I want to digress a bit and talk about “sources” and “scoops”. I’m not sure if Charlie deleted his breaking news tweet on purpose or not, but when I saw it, I wanted to get confirmation. I thought about calling Mary Babers-Green, Dray’s mom of course, whom I had some long talks with after the punch of Jordan Poole last year, but I just don’t like the idea of chasing. Plus, there was the likelihood that Babers didn’t know and I’d be, you know, bugging her. She’s pretty busy saving lives back in Saginaw, by the way. Maybe we’ll have her on someday to explain that.

Anyways, sure enough, Dumas soon tweeted official confirmation from his source — which I delved into in the previous article…