Former NBA Champion Reveals Stephen Curry’s Window To Win His Fifth Title

Mary Raleigh

Former NBA Champion Reveals Stephen Curry's Window To Win His Fifth Title -  Fadeaway World

Richard Jefferson says this is the final stretch for Stephen Curry.
  • Former Cavs forward explains why Steph only has three of four more years to win another title
  • Jefferson says Curry’s skillset will begin to fade by 2029
  • Steph has resisted setting a retirement date with no end in sightSteph Curry's Warriors were 'historically disrespectful,' says former  Cavalier Richard Jefferson

As a 4x Champion, 2x MVP, and 9x All-Star, Stephen Curry has pretty much accomplished everything in the NBA. Even so, as he aims to cement his place in basketball history, he has no plans to lower his ambitions and he’s going all-in on winning his fifth championship next season.

At 35 years old, you’re not a fool to think that Curry is running out of time, and former NBA champion Richard Jefferson says he’s only got three of four more years as an NBA elite before a serious decline begins. “I don’t know if it’s this year,” said Jefferson on the Road Trippin’ podcast. “I think he’s got 3 to 4 more years as a primary player because of his skill.”Watch Steph Curry play against giant inflatable defenders in South Korea |  Sporting News

Curry isn’t a player who depends on athleticism to score so there’s a good chance he’ll age gracefully like other top shooters. Even so, Steph uses ball movement as a major part of his game and the day that he’s unable to outrun defenders off the ball will be the day that he’s much less effective on the floor. Based on what we saw last season, where Steph put up 29.4 points and 6.3 assists on 49.3% shooting, there’s no reason to think that he’s lost a step already and it’s why the Warriors re-committed to their veteran core instead of moving on to build toward the future.

Don’t Hold Your Breath On Stephen Curry’s Retirement

No matter what happens in the 2023-24 campaign, Steph intends to keep this going for a while longer and he said as much this year during a chat with former player Gilbert Arenas. Unlike some of his peers, Curry doesn’t like putting a number on his retirement age: “I have three years left on my deal, including this year, and then kind of figure it out from there,” Curry said. “I don’t put too much of a timeline outside of my contract now just knowing that will give me 38 and 17 years in the league.Can Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson carry Warriors without Kevin Durant? -  Sports Illustrated

So, as long as Curry is healthy, we can expect him to be in the title hunt for at least the next few years and that might be all he needs to bring home that elusive fifth title. But even if Steph has already won his final Larry O’Brien trophy, he’s got nothing left to prove in the NBA. As the greatest shooter in basketball history, his impact on the game itself will be remembered before anything on the stat sheet.

Warriors Can Be Competitive For Curry’s Last Dance

History tells us that Steph probably only has a handful of prime superstar years left in him, and you can bet that the Warriors will be working to maximize every star moment that he has left. This summer, they proved their commitment by trading away their final young piece (Jordan Poole) for NBA veteran Chris Paul, who is less of a risk in the locker room.Inside the Golden State Warriors' Plans for the Future | Time

Together, with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins, Stephen Curry could lead the Warriors back to prosperity and return to the top of the MVP conversation. Thanks to new challengers and the challenge of aging, the Warriors’ dynasty cannot last forever but they can keep fighting to prolong their fall for as long as possible. So far, with an 8-year gap between championships, it’s fair to say that the Warriors have been doing a pretty fine job.

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