Heat Trade For Celtics’ Malcolm Brogdon In Bold Proposal

At some point, we’ve all had to settle for less than what we wanted. You may have your heart set on something that’s not attainable. In that event, you’ve got to settle for a Plan B. Sometimes, NBA teams need to do the same. Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) drives into Boston Celtics guard Malcolm  Brogdon (13) during the second half of game two of the Eastern Conference  Finals for the 2023 NBA playoffs at

They may be focused on acquiring a particular player. In time, it may become obvious that they’re not going to land them. In that event, they’ve got to pivot to another plan. Do the Miami Heat have any real chance of landing Damian Lillard?

Sure. The Heat probably need to find a third team that’s interested in Tyler Herro. They shouldn’t give up on their Plan A – yet. If Lillard isn’t in a Heat jersey soon, Miami may want to pivot to a Plan B. How about Malcolm Brogdon of the Boston Celtics?

The Trade Proposal

Boston Celtics receive: G/F Duncan Robinson, G/F Caleb Martin
Miami Heat receive: G Malcolm Brogdon

Usually, a Plan A is a more ambitious plan. You’re thinking of renovating your property. You figure you can do it on your own. Initially, you plan on installing a pool. In time, you settle on buying a hot tub. Malcolm Brogdon: Celtics still searching to find identity with season on  brink of elimination

This is true for NBA teams as well. Look at the Heat. Acquiring Lillard is an ambitious plan. The Heat do not have a deep collection of assets. In theory, this team is not in an optimal position to acquire Lillard. With some swift maneuvering, it’s a possibility. Still, it’s an awfully optimistic plan.

Let’s assume that the Heat can’t execute that plan. This team could still use a point guard. So, if Plan A doesn’t work out, they’ll need a Plan B. Is Brogdon a good plan for Miami?

Why The Miami Heat Do The Deal



Brogdon’s status coming into 2023-24 is in flux. Apparently, there are injury concerns. Yet, Brogdon is slated to be on the floor on opening night. If he’s healthy enough, Boston may not want to part with him. On the other hand, if he’s injured, he won’t be much use to Miami.

Boston Celtics shutting down trade inquiries for Malcolm Brogdon: ReportLet’s assume that he’s good to go. We’ll deal with Boston’s justification for moving him regardless later. This is a no-brainer for Miami. Brogdon is among the most well-rounded guards in the NBA. He can shoot, make plays, and defend. He’d be a tremendous upgrade over Kyle Lowry for this team.

Sure, they’re parting with two quality rotation players here. Martin was a breakout player during the Heat’s Finals run. Still, the Heat’s need for a player like Brogdon is more pressing. This is a deal worth making for them. What about the Celtics?

Why The Boston Celtics Do The Deal

In a sense, this is easy to justify for Boston. They already have Derrick White. He’s a lot like Brogdon. For Boston, this is about diversifying their rotation.

Martin is an especially valuable addition to this roster. In some respects, he can replace the recently departed Grant Williams. He can provide a similar 3-and-D skillset, with a little more shot creation to spare. He’ll find an instant role with this team and make them better. Malcolm Adjusting to New Situation With Celtics: Sources | Heavy.com

Realistically, Robinson should make this rotation as well. He’s a shooting specialist who’s otherwise limited, but he’d be arguably the best shooter on this roster. Finally, if Brogdon does have injury concerns, the Celtics may be happy to move off of his contract – even if moving him was never Plan A.