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The inconsistency in results for the Golden State Warriors was fully on public display yet again. The Dubs lost in the City of Angels as the Los Angeles Clippers dominated them in the fourth quarter to snatch a victory at home. Right before the defeat, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce had discussed certain recurring problems of the franchise. They candidly shared their thoughts on the ongoing struggles of the Bay Area in the latest episode of the KG Certified podcast show."It's Too Heavy On Stephen Curry": Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce Believe Warriors Need to Urgently Trade for Reliable Stars

Highlighting the role of Klay Thompson in the roster over the years, Garnett talked about the evolution of the shooting guard in the NBA. He pointed out how the 33-year-old polished his scoring abilities with time as they eventually exceeded his defending skills.

“At first, his defense was ahead of his scoring. Then he became a dynamic scorer who could still defend”. 

KG mentioned how the organization had signed Andrew Wiggins to carry forward that responsibility and take over from an aging Klay. “Wiggins I am not calling him that dynamic scorer but he was definitely supposed to step in and take the burden of whoever is the best guard of the night,” the 47-year-old highlighted. As the 28-year-old has failed to step into that role convincingly yet, Garnett said to Paul, “He hasn’t panned out P,” while expressing his disappointment.

Pierce took center stage soon after as he voiced the same, urging Wiggins to take up bigger duties as the Dubs’ 2nd best player on the court to ease Thompson’s job, who will be the third.

“It’s too much pressure on Klay to ask Klay to do what he needs to do at this stage in his career. Dealing with the injuries, the miles, all he has been through. That’s why they brought a Wiggings in”.The Latest Stephen Curry News | SportSpyder

Soon after that, the former Boston Celtics duo discussed the possible solutions as Paul declared, “You gotta make a trade, bro”. Kevin shed light on how the current situation was making things worse for the team’s talisman, Stephen Curry.

“It’s too heavy on Steph,” 

he stated as the 2008 champions put forward the only feasible way out for the San Francisco organization.

Showcasing his faith in the core group of Stephen and Draymond Green, Pierce mentioned, “I still believe in Steph, I believe in Draymond that you can still build around them if you put the right pieces that they can win a championship but you gotta make some moves.” He even took it a step further as The Truth highlighted, “As currently constructed, this team is barely a playoff team.”

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The time is running out for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors

A couple of days back, Gilbert Arenas had discussed the same in his show, Gil’s Arena, while pointing out the root causes behind the Warriors’ struggles. The 3x All-Star put forward the team’s repeating patterns on the court as a major reason for their downfall. “Some of those passes, by now, people are reading, people are understanding. Defenses are realising like some of his passing antics. Just all of them,” he mentioned. “They are not really sharp at what they’re doing,” Arenas further stated while talking about the Dubs.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và văn bảnThe guest on the show, Brandon Jennings, voiced a different concern as he shed light on the trade of Jordan Poole. Losing Jordan Poole hurt,” he believed as the Warriors let go of the 24-year-old during the off-season. “That’s 20 points a night. You not getting that,” Brandon mentioned hinting at the worrying signs for the franchise.

Amidst the chaos, the fanbase would love to see their big three winning another championship together. But for that to happen, trades and signings come across as the best possible way out. Thus, it would be interesting to see the decisions of the management going forward.

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