Jonathan Kuminga Says Stephen Curry Is The Perfect Human Being

Mary Raleigh
Jonathan Kuminga had high praise for teammate Stephen Curry.
  • Jonathan Kuminga and Stephen Curry have now been teammates for two seasons
  • Kuminga praised Curry for never getting into trouble
  • Kuminga also called him the best human being he has been aroundWhy Warriors' Steph Curry is 'perfect human being' to Jonathan Kuminga –  NBC Sports Bay Area & California

Stephen Curry has made a very strong impression on Jonathan Kuminga in their two seasons together with the Golden State Warriors. So much so, that Kuminga believes Curry is the perfect human being.

“Steph Curry is like this one human being who’s perfect. He literally (is) like perfect,” Kuminga told Robert Marawa on 947 Joburg. “It’s nothing you can say about Steph. He comes to the gym, meets the parents first. The same way he acts at home (is) the same way he acts on the floor, the same way he acts at practice.”Why Warriors' Steph Curry is 'perfect human being' to Jonathan Kuminga –  NBC Sports Bay Area & California

Kuminga likes the authenticity and also praised the 35-year-old for never getting into trouble.

“He don’t get into any problems,” Kuminga continued. “He speaks to everybody. He’s going to start a conversation, even if you don’t want to. He’s going to come find you and talk to you. So that’s a lot of things that people don’t see behind the scenes because all they see is him hitting threes and stuff like that. He’s the best human being I’ve ever really been around.”Golden State Warriors' youngster 'expecting a lot' heading into next season

Kuminga, whom the Warriors picked with the seventh pick of the 2021 Draft, was then asked if Curry being a devout family man inspires him, and it certainly does.

“That’s just little details that I pick up every single day,” Kuminga stated. “Watching all his moves off the court with his family, they always there, especially his little boy being in the locker room jumping around, playing around. You see the joy in every other (member) of his family and all that comes from the man of the house.”

(starts at 17:26 mark):

Curry is a great role model for a 20-year-old like Kuminga to follow, both on and off the court. The two-time MVP works his socks off behind the scenes, and he hasn’t let his fame get to his head.Stephen Curry Is LITERALLY Perfect!”: Warriors' Jonathan Kuminga Showers 2x  MVP with 'Best Human Being' Praise - The SportsRush

Considering everything he has achieved, it would be really easy for Curry to think he is above and beyond most people. Instead, he remains grounded and has stayed out of any kind of trouble in all these years as well. In this social media era, there aren’t many other superstars you can say that about, with LeBron James being one of the few others.

Andre Iguodala Also Feels Stephen Curry Is Perfect

Interestingly, Kuminga isn’t the only one who thinks the nine-time All-Star is just about perfect. Earlier this year, Andre Iguodala also stated that Curry is the perfect human being. Iguodala jokingly added that there is something wrong with Steph, and he is going to find out what that is.Stephen Curry Is the Best Human Being”: 6'7 Future Warriors Star Praises  NBA's Only Unanimous MVP's Grounded Nature - EssentiallySports

To hear the same thing from a youngster like Kuminga and a 39-year-old like Iguodala shows how Curry is able to connect well with different generations. He has never been the most vocal guy around but finds a way to have a profound impact on those around him.

Stephen Curry Had A Warning For The NBA

Curry had another excellent season in 2022-23, averaging 29.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 0.9 steals, and 0.4 blocks per game, to make the All-NBA Second Team. Despite his best efforts, though, the Warriors were unable to defend their title last season.

They lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in six games in the Western Conference Finals, and the four-time NBA champion is determined to get back to the top. Curry warned the rest of the NBA that they are embracing the mindset of being a hunter, after being hunted all of last season as the defending champions.

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