“Klay Thompson, We Don’t Do This No More!”: Chris Paul Sheds Light on Becoming Part of Dubnation, Warriors Star Responds

Mary Raleigh

The Golden State Warriors have been the team to beat for the better part of the last decade. Right from their first championship together in 2014-15, to their recent hurrah in 2022, the trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have faced a lot together. There is one opponent they’ve faced a ton in the regular season, as well as thrice in the playoffs as well: Chris Paul. After years of dueling each other, they’re now on the same squad, which clearly needs some adjustment period, not only for the fans, but for the players as well. Chris Paul addressed the same during the Media Day.

We all remember the footage of Stephen Curry dropping Chris Paul on the baseline and making a basket. However, one thing that people often forget is that on the other side of the floor, it was Klay Thompson who locked up the veteran PG. During his conversation with the media, CP3 addressed the same and how glad he was that it’s over.

Chris Paul talks about being a part of the Dubnation

Chris Paul has played for 5 different teams in his 18-year career so far. The Warriors are his 6th team, as he heads into his 19th season. However, he doesn’t have history with any other team like he does with the Warriors. Those battles between the Warriors and the Rockets in 2017 and 2018 forever made CP3 a villain for the Warriors fans, and surely made him feel the same way for Dubnation. At media day, he addressed being part of Dubnation now, and said,

“It’s a transition with anything even just media day when you’re saying ‘Dub Nation’ here and there. That’s not been a sound I’d like to hear for the past however many years.”

Paul then went on to talk about Klay Thompson not guarding him anymore.

“Klay, he guarded me for years. We was playing pickup the other day and he guarded me and I looked up and said, “Klay[Thompson], we don’t do this no more.””

It’s funny how quickly things change. From disliking CP3 for the longest time, to now rooting for him, Dubnation sure is going to go through a big adjustment. It’s the same for CP3 and his loved ones as well.

Klay Thompson reacts to CP3’s pickup comment

Everyone on the Warriors has been raving about having a competitor like Chris Paul join their ranks. However, no one’s more excited than Klay. With Paul making plays, defense is going to collapse further, and Klay would get even better buckets. Here’s what he said,

“To be on the team with him it’s just a huge honor for myself especially playing the 2-guard spot. You love playing with a point guard like Chris who’s one of the greatest assist men in basketball history… I think he’s going to help us so much.”

With everything looking good so far, the fans are waiting for the season to start and see how the new lineup looks on the floor together. Like Draymond said, there is a sense of urgency with this team, and we’re just waiting to find out how far they can go this year.

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