Klay Thompson’s Future In Doubt As Warriors Refuse To Offer Contract Extension

Warriors are stalling Klay Thompson extension talks.
  • Klay Thompson is entering the last season of his contract with Warriors
  • The future is uncertain for Thompson after season-ending injuries derailed his career
  • 2023-24 season could be the ‘Last Dance’ for the Warriors dynastyKlay Thompson, Warriors reportedly have yet to exchange contract extension  offers - NBC Sports

As a 4x champion and 5x All-Star, Klay Thompson has nothing left to prove in the NBA. If he retired today, his legacy would be set as not only one of the greatest Warriors ever but also one of the best perimeter shooters in basketball history. But when it comes to the future, there is an air of uncertainty surrounding the former 11th overall pick. With Thompson entering the final year of his contract, fans and experts were expecting a long-term contract extension for Klay but it appears that the Warriors could be keen to let their star guard hit free agency in the summer of 2024.

Warriors Have Opened Up Extension Talks With Klay Thompson | Fadeaway World  | wenatcheeworld.com“There’s more built-in complexity to the Thompson contract talks,” wrote The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. “Here’s where it currently stands: No official offers or counteroffers have been made from either side, according to league sources. No exact salary numbers have been floated. There isn’t a rush from either side, and there isn’t a deadline. It could theoretically be done in-season, though I’d expect serious discussions (and perhaps an agreement) to come before that.”What does a Klay Thompson extension look like for the Warriors?

Thompson, 33, is coming off major injuries that sidelined him from 2019 to 2021. When he finally returned a few seasons ago, he wasn’t quite the same as he was before his injuries and there was a noticeable dip in his game, especially on the defensive end of the floor.

This Season Will Be A Major Test For Thompson

With Klay to hit free agency in the summer of 2024, it’s likely that extension talks will be ongoing as the season progresses. For the Warriors, while they have made it clear how much Klay means to their organization, they are committed to doing whatever it takes to build a championship team around Stephen Curry.Curry's Golden State Warriors in danger: Thompson expects contract  extension that may cost over 500m dollars | Marca

For now, the best chances at making it happen are keeping the dynasty intact and making sure that Steph, Klay, and Draymond play out their run together. Still, Thompson isn’t getting any younger and his efficiency has already taken a dip with a shooting percentage of 43% after finishing at 46% pre-injury. This season will be important for the Warriors, and especially Thompson. If he continues to decline or somehow suffers another setback, it could force the Warriors to either reconsider his worth or move on from him altogether.

Are The Warriors Title Favorites In The West?

Considering all that this Warriors group has accomplished over the past eight years, you can’t blame anybody for ranking them among the best in the West for this upcoming season. Even if Klay never returns to his All-Star form, the Warriors can still rely on the production of Stephen Curry and others to push them over the edge.Klay Thompson sur les rumeurs de contrat avec les Warriors : "Je me  concentre sur le championnat" - The Free Agent

The biggest challenge for this group will be dealing with bigger teams like the Nuggets and Lakers. We saw in the playoffs how strength and size can overwhelm the Warriors over a 7-game series, and it will be interesting to see if this season’s Warriors have any answer to that. But until proven otherwise, you cannot count Golden State out of any race for the title and you can bet that Klay, Steph, and Draymond will be looking to prove all the doubters wrong.