Lakers Linked To Possible Trade For Hornets’ Gordon Hayward

The Los Angeles Lakers have a roster set to compete for another championship. After media day, the team seems content on where they stand. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t continue to improve and look to add players. The Lakers are linked to a possible trade for Hornets’ Gordon Hayward.

Hayward drew interest from the Lakers last season when they were looking to get rid of Russell Westbrook. Unfortunately, it was the contract that kept them away from committing to a trade. Hayward is on a $31.5 million expiring contract this upcoming season. It might be intriguing to explore, but ultimately it will be a decision a few would make.

One Hornets reporter linked the former All-Star to the Lakers yet again for the upcoming year. The proposed trade is sending D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura for Hayward. Although it might work money-wise, it won’t be a smart move by the Lakers.

Hayward has struggled to return to his All-Star form since suffering the gruesome left leg injury in Boston. He has shown glimpses of his former self and can still contribute 14-15 points per game for the Hornets.

Despite that, giving up Hachimura and Russell might be a downgrade for Los Angeles. Hachimura has been reportedly working out with LeBron James in the off-season and is looking to be a major x-factor in the rotation. Russell is a much-needed guard for the team and will be a starter.

It might be down the line if the Lakers decide to entertain this trade. That would have to be a desperate move and contingent on the play and production of Hachimura and Russell. At the moment, Hayward does not seem to match the fabric of the Lakers.