Late Roman Ridge Helmet

Margie Jones

Roman parade helmet made of iron, silver and gold, and decorated with glass gems, Berkasovo, Serbia, 4th century CE.

Two ceremonial golden Roman helmets. Found in 1955 in Berkasovo village,  Serbia : r/europe

The photo was taken at the exhibition ‘Treasures and Emperors. The Splendour of Roman Serbia’ in Aquileia, Italy (11 March – 3 June 2018). The Helmet was on loan from the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Dr Crom on X: "Late Roman parade helmet (Berkasovo I) - ca. Early Fourth  Century AD; silver-gilt, decorated with 54 glass gems in a variety of  colours, with the distinctive ridge with

4th Century CE; Roman Gilded Helmet, from Berkasovo in northern Serbia is one of the most beautiful late Roman helmets ever found.
It is made of gold-plated iron sheets luxuriously decorated with gems and glass paste ornaments and has Greek inscriptions on the edges.

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