Lebron James shows off his new tattoo on his arm and thigh shaped like a crown

LeBron James sports multiple tattoos.. His great NBA career has seen him add to or refresh his tattoos regularly since he adores body art. The top player for the Los Angeles Lakers has more than 20 tattoos, each of which has a unique significance. The latest piece of art he has added to his long list is a crown tattoo.

Recently, LeBron James posted a picture on his social media, flaunting his newest crown tattoo along with his tattoo artist. The body art is on the inner side of his elbow and looks as sharp and neat as the King’s other inks. LeBron James has several tattoos that each have a unique meaning. Since James is a devoted family man, it should come as no surprise that most of his tattoos are related to his family.

The crown tattoo obviously doesn’t need a meaning, as it is evident that the crown is synonymous with, King James himself. The forward for the Lakers has multiple tattoos that honor his outstanding career. A “WITNESS” tattoo on his right leg is among his early ink. During the same-named Nike ad in 2006, James signed this.

What does LeBron James’ most famous tattoo, ‘Chosen 1’ mean?

LeBron has several tattoos as a tribute to his hometown. No matter how successful LeBron has become over his career, he has always maintained his modesty and kept in mind where he came from. On his social media pages, LeBron frequently uses the hashtag #thekidfromakron. This demonstrates his passion for his hometown.

But his most famous and talked-about tattoo is the one among his earliest, the ‘Chosen 1’ tattoo. Throughout his storied career, LeBron James has gone by a variety of nicknames. ‘The Chosen One’, which he had tattooed on his back, is possibly the most intriguing. It’s laden with mystery and may be the most accurate and appropriate nickname for an athlete.

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James got it after appearing on the Sports Illustrated cover on February 18, 2002. Bron was referred to as “The Chosen One” on the SI cover, and the article covered his ascent to the top of the prep basketball world as a junior in high school.

A genius or savior is referred to as the chosen one. Identifying a 17-year-old from Akron as basketball’s chosen one is a lot of pressure. The term was originally created by Sports Illustrated editor Greg Kelly. In the NBA, LeBron James is a well-known figure. In a few years, he’ll probably be retired, and he’ll already be getting compared to the best basketball players of all time, including M.J., Kareem, Magic, and Wilt.

Due to how many awards he has received, he is frequently referred to as the GOAT. And you’ll know who will come to mind when “The Chosen One” happens to occur to a sports fan in 100 years.