LeBron James turned an NBA preseason game into an indoor picnic when fans spotted him sneaking food on the bench

Mary Raleigh

LeBron James turned an NBA preseason game into an indoor picnic.

The oldest player in the league did what old people love to do when they get hungry – they eat.

LeBron James enjoyed a mid-game meal while the Lakers kept playing on the court

But instead of chowing down somewhere out of sight within the Los Angeles’ Lakers’ crypto.com Arena — for instance, inside his team’s locker room or in the many tunnels within the facility — James decided the best venue for his in-game meal was his team’s bench.

While the game was still going on.

“I didn’t like that,” former Laker Michael Cooper said on the Showtime with Coop podcast. “Again, he’s LeBron James, but still, you’ve got to have respect for the game, man.

“He’s over there I don’t mind the guy eating, but go eat in the locker room, and then when you come out, you come out and be part of the team, not just sit on the end of the bench eating.”

James might have been reminding the NBA that’s the league’s preseason is unnecessary and the regular season needs to start as soon as possible.

Either way, one of the best defenders in Lakers history wasn’t a fan of The King chomping down while fans were paying to watch a game.

At least James didn’t stand up and scream “Taco Tuesday!” or wear a Dallas Cowboys hat.

A rookie or role player would have drawn serious heat for visibly eating an arena meal on the bench.

LeBron James really came out in the second half wearing street clothes and eating dinner

The sternest comment that James received was from a former NBA player who last played for the Lakers in 1990.

James put up solid numbers in just 18 minutes of court action, scoring 12 points on 4-of-8 shooting while dishing out five assists and grabbing two rebounds.

The Lakers needed more internal hunger, though, falling to Golden State 129-125 while James munched away.

The King has been working (and eating) his way toward his 21st NBA season.

He’s already the league’s all-time scoring leader and his next regular-season contest will be his 1,422nd career game.

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