Marveling At 325Lb Shaquille O’Neal’s Stature, Former Knicks Star Equated Playing Against Him To Getting Into A Car Accident In 2019

Mary Raleigh

Back in 2019, Eddy Curry, a former NBA, and Chicago Bulls player went on the Knuckleheads podcast where he discussed a variety of topics. One of these topics had to do with his early years in the NBA. Playing for the Bulls, Curry regularly faced some tough opponents. However, the toughest in the league at the time was undoubtedly Shaquille O’Neal, as he revealed. Considering he was in the Eastern Conference, Curry rarely went up against the Big Diesel, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers during that point in time. But, when he did go head-to-head with him, he described being scored on by the center as equivalent to being in a car accident.

Standing at 7’1″ and consistently weighing over 300 pounds throughout his career, Shaq was a menace. As such, the 2012 NBA Champion’s description of him makes sense. After all, there is no better way to describe the dominance of a legend like Shaq. He was the kind of player that gave opponents nightmares with his bullish physique and strength.

Former Chicago Bulls player likens facing Shaquille O’Neal to being in a car accident

Shaquille O’Neal was without a doubt a force of nature during his time in the NBA. And, in 2019, Eddy Curry described very comprehensively, what it was like to face the Big Aristotle in a game.

During his time with the Chicago Bulls, Curry had the ‘pleasure’ of facing a Lakers team led by Shaq and Kobe Bryant. Elaborating on that match-up, he revealed how it felt like he was in a car accident. To be specific, the combination of Shaq and Kobe, always led to Curry being scored on violently. This often made the former Bulls player quake in his boots.

To be fair to Curry, it is hard to blame him. In his eight seasons with the Lakers, Shaq was perhaps the best player in the NBA. He won three championships and dominated his opponents. Averaging about 27 points, 11 rebounds, and two blocks per game, no one could stop him. Safe to say, it was this spell that established him as the most dominant player in NBA history.

“We had Shaq when he was in LA. Him and Kobe bro! He did some move, bro it felt like I was in a car accident bro! I was just along for the ride bro! I was in an accident bro. That was the biggest human I’ve ever seen!”

Shaq really was something else entirely. Eddy Curry, who was drafted by the Bulls in 2001, was a big man himself. In fact, some may even say he had a Shaq-like build. Standing at 7’0″ and weighing close to 300 pounds, they were almost like twins. But, Curry learned the hard way that the Hall of Famer was a different breed altogether.

Shaq claimed he was at his heaviest during the 2001-2002 season, weighing 395 pounds

Having played in the NBA for 19 seasons, Shaquille O’Neal was always one of the heaviest players in the league. As mentioned earlier, he consistently weighed over 300 pounds and in the 2001-2002 season, he was at his heaviest. By his own admittance, Shaq weighed around 395 pounds.

Nevertheless, that did not deter him from being one of the best in the league. He was still dominant, skillful, and agile enough to lead the Lakers to a third championship in a row, and he even won his third Finals MVP.

Shaq truly was in a class of his own. He defied all human logic and thrived as an NBA superstar, despite concerns surrounding his weight and his work ethic. A testament to his natural skill and ability that helped him become one of the greatest of all time.

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