NASA Announced That It Communicated With 4 Races of Aliens

Mary Raleigh

Confession coming straight out of NASA: “The Spokesman”Alien Contact: What Happens Next? - YouTube

NASA’s spokesman Trish Chamberson openly admitted the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and, moreover, noted that the National Agency is currently in contact with the four races of aliens.

Chamberson said:

“The so-called “grey” visited our planet thousands of years. What do you think, who built the ancient pyramids and all other megalithic structures all over the world? In my opinion, everything is clear, “- said NASA spokesman.

NASA UFO team holds first public meeting on unexplained sightings | Space  News | Al Jazeera

“They have a base on the back side of the moon, as well as on the ability to make some planets in our solar system. Not so long ago, they began to explore Jupiter, creating a new ring around it. Basically, they are interested in mining mineral resources and they are not dangerous for earthlings. ”

Separately Chamberson stressed the aliens are not very sociable with humans, but they have constant complaints about the actions of earthlings. Newcomers are dissatisfied with the use of nuclear weapons in the world, because, according to the spokesman, “this has a bad influence on parallel universes.”If aliens landed on earth and instructed you to “take me to your leader,”  like they do in cartoons, who specifically would you bring them to as YOUR  leader? - Quora

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