NBA Fans Call Out Draymond Green For His Disrespectful Comments About Dillon Brooks

Mary Raleigh
Draymond Green’s words about Dillon Brooks have aged poorly and NBA fans have called him out.
  • Draymond Green once said Dillon Brooks wouldn’t be able to do anything against Team USA
  • After Dillon Brooks dropped 39 points to beat Team USA, NBA fans have thrown Green’s words right back at him
  • NBA fans roasted Draymond Green for his take on social mediaWarriors' Draymond Green Unveils Reaction to Grizzlies Loud-Mouth After  Disrespect |

Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks have a famous feud with one another after many verbal clashes off the court. The two are quite similar, known for their tenacious defense and outsized personalities, but for once, Brooks is enjoying the upper hand.

After he dropped 39 points against Team USA, Draymond Green’s words about how he wouldn’t be able to do anything against them have resurfaced on Reddit.

“Two Olympic gold medals? You definitely would be talking because that would mean you beat Team USA and we all know how that goes, okay. So understand that,” Draymond Green said when he was dissing Dillon Brooks.

Draymond Green was comparing his resume to Dillon Brooks’, and while his point about Olympic gold medals still stands, the idea that Brooks wouldn’t be able to beat Team USA has been proven wrong. "If they wanna f**k, just say that!" - Fans can't hold it as Draymond Green,  Dillon Brooks square up and get up close on court, hilarious memes ensue

Team Canada won the bronze medal at the 2023 FIBA World Cup after beating Team USA, with Dillon Brooks having arguably the best game of his life. It’s not the best roster Team USA could have put out, but it still makes Draymond Green look bad.

NBA Fans Slammed Draymond Green After Dillon Brooks Proved Him Wrong

Draymond Green’s words were posted on Reddit, and naturally, fans were ruthless. They made some valid points about why this win counts for Dillon Brooks as well.

One fan wrote, “I’m so over Draymonds podcast… I wouldn’t be surprised if it got canceled next year.”

After some fans pointed out that Green was talking about gold medals, another wrote, “Draymond has done nothing without a ridiculously stacked team lmao. Just look at his attitude during the 2020 season.”

Matt Steinmetz: Kevin Harlan Had Genius Call of Draymond Green, Dillon  Brooks Fight | Barrett MediaOne fan made a hilarious comment about the take, saying, “Lol damn, when was this? Aged like cream cheese for sure…”

Another suggested that Green’s hatred for Brooks is because of their similarities, writing, “Draymond hates Dillon Brooks because it’s like looking in the mirror, and he doesn’t like the goofy jacka** staring back at him.”

A fan also called out others for hating on Dillon Brooks till he managed to get a big win, “You guys loved hating on Dillon Brooks until he found success.”

Ultimately, feuds like these always swing back and forth depending on the results. At least Dillon Brooks can laugh right now, although surely it will swing again if the Warriors demolish the Rockets during the regular season.

Dillon Brooks Had A Message For His Haters After Canada’s Win

Dillon Brooks took some time out to send a message to his haters after destroying Team USA. Draymond Green is arguably the biggest of them, so his victory lap rings doubly true in this case.

“I just appreciate you. Everybody that was throwing shots on Twitter and Instagram… It just motivates me to keep on going.”Draymond Green calls Dillon Brooks “clown,” “idiot” for comments against  Warriors

Whether this particular quote was part of the motivation or not, Dillon Brooks surely shut down the people who were doubting his ability with his performance.

The Houston Rockets aren’t expected to be very good this season, so this might be his last victory lap for a while. And when it comes to beating Team USA, the team might look vastly different the next time Dillon Brooks faces them.

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