NBA Fans Debate If Klay Thompson Deserves A Maximum Contract From Warriors

Klay Thompson is a free agent in 2024, and fans discussed if the Warriors should give him another max contract.NBA Fans Debate If Klay Thompson Deserves A Maximum Contract From Warriors  - Fadeaway World
  • Klay Thompson is a free agent at the end of next season and the Warriors haven’t extended his contract yet
  • NBA fans on social media debated whether Klay Thompson deserves another maximum contract from the team
  • Most fans seem to think it’s not a good idea for the franchise to give him a maximum deal

Klay Thompson has been a pivotal part of the dynasty that has won four NBA championships since 2015. At 33 years of age though, a big question is looming over his head going into 2024. Golden State Warriors: Does Klay Thompson deserve the max?

Klay Thompson is a free agent next season and the organization is yet to give him a contract extension. Fans on social media recently discussed whether the team should give Thompson another maximum contract.

Klay Thompson is still an elite three-point shooter, but he is no longer in his prime. One fan went as far as to call him washed.

Klay Thompson got a contract from the Golden State Warriors worth $190 million over five years in 2019. And while he was worth the money then, one fan thinks the story is different in 2023.

Klay Thompson has a skillset tailormade for the modern NBA. He is a career 41.6% shooter from three-point range on high volume and can still play good defense on his day. One fan explained why that makes him worth the maximum even today.

Klay Thompson suffered from debilitating injuries to his knee and ankle that kept him out of the NBA for over two years. And one fan thinks that’s what disqualifies him from getting the maximum.

The Golden State Warriors seem committed to maximizing their core and hopefully winning a championship or two more. Trading Jordan Poole for Chris Paul was an example of this. For them, it makes sense to give Klay Thompson a deal that keeps him happy, but the maximum does seem like a lot. NBA rumors: Klay Thompson, Warriors haven't had 'substantive' contract  talks – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

Klay Thompson Reportedly Wants A Max Contract But Has Only One Goal

Klay Thompson, like any other NBA star, will want to maximize his earnings before his career comes to an end. At 33 years of age, his next contract is sure to be his final big deal at the highest level.

And Adrian Wojnarowski explained earlier in the offseason that the Warriors man wants the maximum he can get.

“Thompson, I’m told, expects that he would be rewarded with a new, max-level contract extension this offseason.”Golden State Warriors: Giving Klay Thompson a max extension is a necessary  mistake

Klay Thompson responded to that report himself, explaining that he doesn’t care so much about the contract as he does about winning a championship.

His goal seems to be another ring with the Golden State Warriors. Based on that, if they can win this season, then the organization could very well give him what he wants next summer.

The Warriors Are Negotiating With Klay Thompson

This entire situation could be very messy, but both parties will surely not want to ruin their relationship over a situation where an amicable accord can be reached. In service of that, the team has reportedly already opened up negotiations with Thompson. Klay Thompson Reveals His Thoughts On Getting Another Big Contract From The  Golden State Warriors - Fadeaway World

“My understanding is that they have opened contract extension talks with Klay Thompson,” said Ramona Shelburne.

“The optionality goes both ways. Not necessarily that he’s trying to leave… It behooves him to have a great year this year and he becomes more valuable if he does.”

It seems that a lot is riding on how Klay Thompson can perform this season. A resurgent season in 2023-24 could make Klay Thompson extremely valuable again, and in that case, an extension worth over $45 million a year isn’t out of the question.