Ranking LeBron James’ Funniest Commercials

LeBron James is renowned for his basketball skills, but let’s pick out the three funniest commercials the Lakers star has been inStephen A. Smith on The Ringer ranking LeBron James 12th on list of best  NBA players

LeBron James is easily one of the funniest players in the NBA, and sometimes he doesn’t even need to try. He’ll sometimes crash one of his teammate’s postgame interviews with a funny face, yell Taco Tuesday in one of his Instagram stories, or even bust out a funny tweet or two about how he’ll never pay for subscriptions.LeBron James trade: Phoenix Suns No. 1 fit for Los Angeles Lakers star

If James could do all those funny acts naturally, how does he fare when there’s a script and people critiquing his every move? We all know he’s been in a few movies recently, but is he just as good when it comes to commercials? We reviewed most, if not all of James’ funniest commercials over the years and ranked his three best thus far.

3. LeBron James rookie Sprite – Funny How?Lebron James 2004 Rookie Season 2 Liter Empty Sprite Bottle | eBay

Before James signed an endorsement deal with Pepsi in 2021, he was one of the faces of Coca-Cola for over 18 years. A few months after he was drafted, James had a 30-second commercial with Rich Paul where they sat in front of a TV listening to people questioning his hype. When one of his friends asked him: “This is getting serious, how are you feeling?” James responded by cracking his neck in an awkward motion only to reveal a few seconds later he was pressing on an empty Sprite bottle.

2. Judge LeBron JamesLeBron is "Judge James" in new Powerade series called "Streetball Court" -  Ballislife.com

As part of his endorsement with Coca-Cola, James also became the face of their sports drink Powerade. This commercial is a bit different from what we’re usually accustomed to since this was more of a series than one ad. In these commercials, James acts as the judge presiding over different cases filed by amateur players while also introducing nine different laws but with a twist.

Looks like we won’t have to imagine what the NBA would look like if James would become commissioner.

1. Lebron James Mountain Dew – Rise 2021LeBron James on Pepsi partnership after 17 years with Coca-Cola

James wasted no time making his presence felt with Pepsi. One of James’ first commercials with the beverage company was a minute-long clip promoting Pepsi’s line of energy drinks. In this commercial, James contemplates what his life would be if he didn’t work as hard as he did. One of the alternate careers James thought of was him as a salsa dancer.

Although James’ dance moves were impressive, we can all agree he made the right decision to focus on basketball.