“Rich Paul pulled me, I won’t say no!”: Jayson Tatum describes his photos with Stephen Curry, LeBron James at Draymond Green’s wedding – The SportsRush

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Celtics star Jayson Tatum talks about Draymond Green’s wedding, talks about his photo session with Stephen Curry, LeBron James

The Golden State Warriors took down the Boston Celtics in June to secure the 2022 NBA Championship. After a hard-fought 6-game series, the Warriors triumphed at the TD Garden to win their 4th Championship in eight seasons. Stephen Curry led the way for the Dubs against Jayson Tatum and his Celtics.Rich Paul pulled me, I won't say no!": Jayson Tatum describes his photos  with Stephen Curry, LeBron James at Draymond Green's wedding - The  SportsRush

Since the season ended, the players have not had any breaks. Stephen Curry has been busy with his camps, TV commitments, and hosting the ESPYs. Tatum held a camp himself and has been recovering his fractured wrist. Draymond Green has been the busiest of them all.

The 4x NBA Champ decided winning 4 rings wasn’t enough and wanted to get the 5th one, even before the new season started. He married his longtime fiance Hazel Renee in August. It was a big celebration, and had huge names in attendance.Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum, And LeBron James' Agent Spotted At Draymond  Green's Wedding - Fadeaway World

Jayson Tatum talks about attending Draymond Green’s wedding

Losing in the NBA Finals is not something players get over easily. To get so close to the end goal, yet to miss out on it is a feeling that hurts a lot. However, Jayson Tatum decided to set professional differences aside when his good friend Draymond Green sent his wedding invite.

Talking about the whole event, JT said,Rare Photo of Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Draymond Green Together -  Inside the Warriors

“I went to Draymond’s wedding. They just beat us in the Finals, it was kinda tough seeing all the team there. Draymond is a great friend of mine, and I felt honored that he wanted me to be there at that special day.”

Then, they continued to talk about the photos from the wedding. Tatum described how the photos came to be,

“I saw the photobooth and there was a long line. LeBron, Steph, and Draymond were taking a picture, they all got 4 rings. I was walking past, and Rich, Rich Paul was right there, and he grabbed me. He was like, ‘yo, come take this picture with us!’ I wasn’t gonna say no. We took a normal one, and then Draymond was like, “yo, it’s my wedding, we gotta turn it up!” 

Incase you don’t know what photos are being talked about, they’re the photos we saw Tatum post on his Instagram.

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