“Stephen Curry Can Just Go Be a Killer!”: JJ Redick Approves of $30,800,000 Move, Talks 2023–24 Warriors Dynamic

Mary Raleigh

The 2023-2024 season is just around the corner, and players, fans, and analysts alike are all excitedly discussing it. Recently, JJ Redick, alongside Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala spoke about the upcoming season on The Old Man and the Three podcast. One of the topics that came up was the Golden State Warriors and their $30,800,000 acquisition of Chris Paul. A move that Redick approves of, as he believes it will allow Stephen Curry to shine.Stephen Curry Can Just Go Be a Killer!”: JJ Redick Approves of $30,800,000  Move, Talks 2023–24 Warriors Dynamic - The SportsRush

Golden State shocked everyone with their blockbuster trade this off-season. Moving on from Jordan Poole, the Dubs traded him to the Washington Wizards in return for the services of CP3. The move took place a week or so before the NBA Draft and added a new dynamic to the Warriors’ roster. Paul is scheduled to earn $30,800,000 this season and has a year left after that.Is Stephen Curry playing tonight? TV channel, live streams, time for  Warriors vs. Suns | Sporting News

Everyone is eager to see just how the experiment will turn out.

JJ Redick believes Chris Paul will allow Stephen Curry to be a “killer” for the Golden State WarriorsTại sao Stephen Curry phải mang ống tay bảo vệ trong các trận đấu tại NBA?  | Sporting News

Having played with him on the Los Angeles Clippers, JJ Redick knows just how incredible a player Chris Paul is. Discussing the same on his podcast, Redick credited CP3 for being one of the smartest players in the game, something that he believes will prove to be an advantage for the Golden State Warriors.

The Dubs traded for Paul during the off-season, on-boarding his $30,800,000 contract. But, despite the hefty price they will have to pay for the 38-year-old, Redick believes he will work well with Stephen Curry. So much so, that he claims Steph can just be a “killer” on the court with Paul there.Stephen Curry Reacts To Chris Paul Joining Warriors & Damian Lillard Was  Interested! - YouTube

He highlighted how the presence of the 12-time All-Star will alleviate some of the pressure on Steph’s shoulders. Particularly, how Curry can hand over some of the more traditional point guard duties to Paul. This includes passing and playmaking, which will allow the former Baby-Faced Assassin to focus more on scoring the ball and dominating the opposition.

“In the first quarter of that game, I think Steph took one shot. There was such a concerted effort to find Klay in transition, to make the extra pass, to go to that split action and go screen for Klay. Let’s get Klay going! He recognized that. Well now that you have CP, Steph doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Steph can just go be a killer!”

Redick is excited to see how this partnership works out, as is everyone else. The Warriors will be looking to get back to the NBA Finals, where they can hopefully help CP3 win his first ring. But, only time will tell if this acquisition proves to be fruitful.

Steph is excited about working with Chris Paul for the 2023-2024 seasonWhat role will Chris Paul play for the Golden State Warriors considering  they already have Stephen Curry as their starting point guard? - Quora

Stephen Curry is looking forward to having Chris Paul on his team this season. Entering the league in 2009, Steph idolized CP3 and looked to him as an example of what it takes to become a great player. And, despite their numerous clashes over the years, they have remained close friends, making this move for Paul to the Dubs all the more special.

It will be interesting to see just how well this new duo works in the coming season. Hopefully, they can build on their existing chemistry and show the doubters just how special their partnership can be.

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