Stephen Curry Reveals He Wore The Wrong Size Of Sneakers From High School To His Rookie Year

Stephen Curry wore size 14 sneakers for years.
  • Stephen Curry’s father, Dell, wore size 14 sneakers during his time in the NBA
  • Curry wanted to wear the same shoes as his father
  • Curry revealed his actual shoe size was just 12 and a halfCould Have Had 10 More Points a Game!”: Stephen Curry Reveals 'Hilarious'  Reason for Wearing 'Oversized' Size 14 Shoes Till Warriors Rookie Season -  The SportsRush

Stephen Curry balled out at Charlotte Christian School and then at Davidson College, all the while wearing some oversized sneakers. Curry recently shared during an interview with Complex Sports that he wore size 14s, as he just wanted to wear the same size shoes as his father, Dell.

“Pops played in the league, he wore a size 14,” Curry said. “I had a bigger foot as a kid growing up, but definitely nowhere (near) 14, but I convinced myself that I was a 14 so I can rock all his shoes.”

Curry said he used double socking to get them to better fit his feet, as he desperately just wanted to wear size 14.

TrueHoop Presents: How Nike lost Stephen Curry to Under Armour - ESPN“Then just got used to the feel of it being too big,” Curry continued. “And then eventually I tricked myself into thinking that… All the way to my rookie year in the league I said I wore 14.”

Curry said there is a picture of him in a preseason game in his rookie season where you can see that the shoe was definitely a bit too big for him.

“I was at 12 and a half the whole time in real from high school on,” Curry added. “But yeah I was rocking 14s in Charlotte Christian, all the way to Davidson, all the way through my rookie year in the league, and then kind of came back where I’m at now.”The History of Steph Curry Shoes | The Fresh Press by Finish Line

The 35-year-old doesn’t think it really affected him in any way that he wore larger sneakers.

“It didn’t have any effect really,” Curry stated. “Because I had a crazy college career, obviously tournament run and all that, rocking 14s.”

(starts at 2:15 mark):

Curry then joked that he might have averaged 10 more points per game had he worn the right size. Considering he averaged 25.3 points per game in his three seasons with Davidson, an additional 10 would have been quite something.

Could The Wrong-Sized Sneakers Have Played A Role In His Ankle Injuries?

While Curry says it never caused any problem, I can’t help but think back to his ankle issues from earlier in his career. Wearing the wrong size of sneakers can cause ankle injuries, and the two-time MVP had more than his fair share of them.TrueHoop Presents: How the Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry got the  best worst ankles in sports - ESPN

Only he and his doctors would really know if that contributed to those injuries or not. Those ankle issues had led to many assuming that Curry wouldn’t last for too long in the NBA.

Steph battled through it all and is now entering his 15th season in the league in 2023-24. The nine-time All-Star is still playing at a very high level too, as he averaged 29.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 0.9 steals, and 0.4 blocks per game last season.

Stephen Curry Spoke On How Much Longer He’ll Play

While Curry is still going strong, the reality is that the end isn’t too far away for him. During his appearance on Gil’s Arena last month, Curry was asked about retirement, and he stated he definitely plans to play out the remaining three years of his contract. Stephen Curry, Warriors will get Thunder's best shot | Las Vegas  Review-Journal

He isn’t putting any timeline after that, as he would be 38 years old when it ends. It would then depend on how his body is feeling, as Curry doesn’t want to be that old player who’s just barely hanging on. We should really appreciate him for as long as he does play, as Curry will be sorely missed when he walks away from the game.